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Website is the formal representation of your business or company to the online communities that will become your customer or client that looks up through the search engines like Google to find for products and services that will fit their needs and requirements. You have all the advantages of your business when your online presence exists and which is highly recommended by us.


Php 1,500 / month subscription plan
Advantages of having a Website with us:
  • We design beautiful websites that suit your needs.
  • It’s a mobile friendly, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML.
  • We are using in all of our packages to add security against online threats and most of all, Google will prefer to display your website in their search results as encouraged and announced.
  • You will surpass your competitors of your industry because you have all the markets from the traditional walk-in customers and now to the online customers that lead more profit for you.
HTTPS web address for example:
FREE 2 Business Emails with 50mb storage capacity. Example: [email protected]
FREE 1 MONTH ADVERTISEMENT in our Online Business Directory ( to kick start and boost the traffic leads to your website.
FREE BUSINESS LISTING in the Superior Business Directory in the Philippines.
Maximum of 3 static pages for example, HOMEPAGE, ABOUT US, CONTACT US or your products and services page, but it depends on your requirements. Static page means, no transactional data keyed in and no involvement records to keep in the database.
Exceeding the Maximum of 3 static pages will be additional charge of Php 500.00 per static page to be added in your monthly subscription plan.
FREE Amendment Support guaranteed as long as changes not result of overhauling the entire site’s design, massive amount of contents to change, unconfirmed information to be displayed in result of inconvenience at our side. If still need the massive changes, possible charges will be applied accordingly in onetime fee in nature.
FREE CUSTOMIZE GOOGLE MAP for your business locations and this will be added advantage of you when people search your business address that leads to your site.
FREE SOCIAL NETWORKS PROPAGATIONS for you to promote your products and services in your website.
FREE BUSINESS NEWS POSTING in Business News Section to be featured.

REQUIREMENTS: Very affordable subscription plans for you!

Onetime payment of Php 5,000
upon signing the contract.
Php 1,500 per month
Subscription plan.