The Power of Php 500


Mined Business Pages ( is an online comprehensive and effective business directory in the Philippines whose focus mainly of getting advertisers and promote their products and services online. We are a fully registered business entity with the following business licenses acquired:

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  • Business License Certificate No. 2015-18412
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WHY PHP 500?
Nowadays, the worth of Php 500 is almost nothing of value in the market. But, did you know that, what will bring you into the door of bigger opportunity? The opportunity I’m talking about is the simple multiplication process that always bring abundance in many ways.
Simple, you advertise with us worth Php 500 for 1 year placement in our HOMEPAGE (, particularly either of the two expose and strategically advertisement position in our homepage, the Top Banner which will rotate every 10 seconds and it’s located at the top most header section of our homepage itself. The 2nd advertisement position is the Top Side Banner which will flash out every 10 seconds as well but with bigger image for your advertisement and it’s located also in our homepage. So, it’s up to your choice which of the two advertisement positions you may place your Ad.

After the placement of your advertisement in our homepage, now the most exciting part of it is the opening of the door of a bigger opportunity for you and your family as well. Introducing, the POP 500 which means the “Power of Php 500” that lead you to our PROFIT SHARING alternative financial strategy for you.

The good thing if you advertise with us, we help you propagate and expose your products and services online, increase your sales by building your online business profile with very generous 1 YEAR advertisement period in our homepage, PLUS your POP 500 account registration which you can JOIN freely and it will be activated immediately that allows you to monitor your profit shares of every advertisers you bring to us with up to 3 link layers of advertisers. See the illustrations below.

The Power of Php 500 - POP500

In the illustration above shows that, we have 3 link layers of advertisers namely “DLA – Direct Link Advertiser”, “MLA – Middle Link Advertiser” and the “BLA – Bottom Link Advertiser“ that would completely leverage your profit shares. This system will do unlimited profit sharing for you by getting unlimited DLA and you will see how your shares rise to the top.

Your links will definitely work for you if they work harder same as you and then later on you’ll just sit back and relax and just by monitoring your POP 500 account and simply harvest your profit shares.

Each time you get DLA, you’ll get Php 166.70, for MLA you’ll get Php 33.35 and for BLA you’ll get Php 16.70 all automatically credited to your POP 500 account with us and available for withdrawal upon the submission of your intent to withdraw your profit share at any time during our office hours only.
Sample possible profit shares you may get every day.
For example, if you’re getting 5 advertisers per day x Php 166.70 = Php 833.50 as your direct link advertisers profit share. Plus, how about your DLA will do the work for you and get an advertiser for his/her own? Each of your DLA getting an advertisers of their own, you will automatically credited with Php 33.35 each as it becomes your MLA (Middle Link Advertiser). Once your MLA will do the same and getting his/her own advertisers, you will definitely have Php 16.70 as it becomes your BLA (Bottom Link Advertiser).

Your MLA and BLA will do the rest of the job for you as they are variable in numbers and your DLA will be upon your ability to talk and convince advertisers to come in but we believe that you can do it.

As we quote from
“Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of FACEBOOK invited 5 people to his Harvard Dorm 9 years ago to discuss a business opportunity. Only 2 people showed up and they got in. Today those two people are billionaires: DUSTIN MOSKOVITZ $6.5 Billion and EDUARDO SEVERIN $3.4 Billion. Nothing is more expensive than a closed mind, and a missed opportunity. A “THINKING ABOUT IT” for too long can cost you a whole lot money and time. Taking action now can earn you a whole lot. It’s your choice, your life, it’s up to you to make a DECISION today.”

So, I hope you will understand now how it works and see how you will get an unlimited profit shares for you and your entire family.
We send your profit shares directly to your MetroBank Account that you provide for us to do online transfer or by CASH if it’s possible for you to drop by to our office.

You may share a testimony of your payment under your POP500 account for others to see a proof that we are genuine to our commitment for all of you.
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