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Duterte: Impeachment? Go ahead!

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DAVAO CITY (UPDATE) - President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said Monday the possibility of being ousted through impeachment does not scare him.

Speaking in front of Davao City Hall employees, Duterte said he will exert all effort in implementing policies which he believes will maintain peace and order i the country

"Impeachment? Go ahead! Walang problema sa akin. I will insist what I promised to the people,” Duterte said as he slammed his critics who say his policies violate human rights.
"I am just being consistent with the promises I made to the people.”

Duterte is expected to enjoy wide support in Congress, with a sizable number of lawmakers at the House of Representatives defecting to his PDP-Laban Party. Senators have also pledged to support Duterte’s legislative agenda.

Just like in previous administrations, a frieny Congress will shield Duterte from any threat of impeachment.

The same Congress will also play a vital role in Duterte’s plan of reimposing the death penalty and shifting the form of the country’s government to a federal system.

Duterte said he will impose curfew for minors nationwide while studying the possibility of implementing a 1 a.m. liquor ban.

He scoffed at critics who say limiting the movements of civilians is a violation of human rights. "You protect the children of this country by controlling their movements. And that is human rights violation?" he said.

He added parents who abandon their responsibilities to their children must be arrested.

He also vowed to implement a vigorous family planning program, suggesting that poor families should only have three children.

Duterte on family planning: 3 kids are enough
Despite his tough image, Duterte vowed he will only be harsh on criminals and have a heart for the “helpless, hopeless, and defenseless.”

Duterte: My gov't is for the helpless, hopeless, defenseless

Duterte, who will be sworn in as the Philippines’ 16th president on Thursday, June 30, joined city hall employees in his last flag ceremony as chief executive of Davao City before assuming the presidency.

He thanked city hall employees for helping him make Davao City his model of governance which made him an attractive choice for voters.

"I thank you for your trust in me… I never lost an election. I owe it all to you,” he said.
Duterte delivered his nearly one-hour speech under the scorching heat of the sun. This did not deter his many supporters who wanted to hear the mayor speak.

He also apologized to the city hall employees for not being able to mingle with them anymore due to numerous security protocols.

"For us he is like a father. Even if he rarely goes to the city hall, we know we are in his heart,” said city hall administrative officer Evangeline De Vera.

"He does not frequent the city hall because he is not type who spends all day in the office. He roams around Davao City to get the pulse of his constituents."

Marco Maglana, an administrative aide at the city, meanwhile, said he wishes good health for the 71-year-old longtime Davao City mayor as he takes on a tough new role as president.

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