Duterte says he will match drug lords' bounty |...

Duterte says he will match drug lords' bounty

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DAVAO CITY (UPDATE) - President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said he can match the bounty allegey placed by drug lords on his head.

Duterte also said he will promote on the spot any policeman who will "slaughter" those who attempt to kill him.
"No questions asked, pataasan kami ng presyo," Duterte said during the turnover of commanders at the Davao City Police Office.
"If they put up P100 million, I will give you P150 million, slaughter them. I will give you promotion on the spot, from PO1 [Police Officer 1] to General."
High-profile drug lords have allegey raised as much as P1 billion to have Duterte, incoming police chief Ronald dela Rosa, Senator-elect Leila de Lima, and Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) chief Ricardo Rainier Cruz III killed.

The group of drug lords detained at the Maximum Security Compound of the New Bilibid Prison has since denied plotting to kill the president-elect.
Duterte again stated his reason for pushing for the reimposition of the death penalty, especially for those convicted of drug trafficking.
He said illegal drugs have turned people into “animals,” with some drug users raping even children.
“That is why I’m asking for the reimposition of death penalty so I can hang them,” he said. “Drugs have reduced human beings into a bestial state.”
“Ngayon ka lang makakita ng tao na reduced to being animals… Ang mga biktima nila… three months old ni-rape, pinatay. Anak ka ng...,” he added. “Tapos sabihin nila huwag iyang death penalty kasi inhuman?”

He also reiterated that death penalty is not meant to deter crimes but is for retribution.
READ: Death penalty is for retribution: Duterte
“The other side of criminal law is retribution. Ito baka sakali matakot ka kasi nandyan ang death penalty,” he said. “Dito hindi ka na kailangan matakot. Talagang mamamatay ka.”
Meanwhile, Duterte also reminded the police to never get involved in the illegal drug trade, unless they want their wives to become widows.
He also encouraged the police force to go tough on criminals.
“Kapag naka-enkwentro mo ang kriminal, ask him to surrender. If he chooses to fight and you think or feel in your guts that you will die, unahan mo na. Patayin mo,” he said.

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