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Vill De Oro

0/5 Created: 1 year, 8 months ago | Modified: 1 year, 8 months ago

We offer elegant wedding venue, spacious team building and retreat house in the cool and relaing ambiance of Tagaytay City, Philippines.

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Contact Information
  • Vill De Oro
  • Address: Tagaytay Address: Barrio Segundo Maitim East II, Tagaytay City Manila Office Address: 045 Admiral Village, Talon 3, Las Piñas City
  • Tel No.: 897-2506 / 801-2659 Fax No.:
  • Business Hours:
Review Summary


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Villa de Oro is at the opposite of the spectrum from a hotel, it is exclusive, peaceful, flexible, creative and provides a “blank canvass” in which clients can personalize their own events. This made us one of the ideal venues for weddings, retreats as well as corporate and social functions. The ordinary farmland was transformed by Drs. Arturo Agapito-Orosco and Evangeline Onas-Orosco. They developed it to become a welcome haven for guests that are looking for an ideal Tagaytay accommodation and getaway. Later on, it became popular and was embraced by many because of its European-inspired style that simply creates a soothing ambiance while making the clients feel like they are treated like a royalty. Villa de Oro Tagaytay is a residential mansion equipped with eclectic furniture with fine iron accents, glass chandeliers and art pieces and accentuated with wooden carvings to create a fascinating visual appeal. If you are looking for the most comfortable accommodation rooms in Tagaytay, you will find Villa De Oro as your premier choice. Create your own menus and indulge with our fresh, healthy and delicious food choices while staying in our dining rooms that boast of Italian marble table tops and iron chairs with embroidered draperies. Our menu consists of dishes made with the freshest ingredients and can be selected from our packaged menus or client preferred customized menus. Our social hall can accommodate 100-150 guests per event. The breathtaking landscape of our garden can also serve as a venue for outdoor celebrations, wedding ceremonies, team building activities and other events.
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