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U-Bix Corporation

0/5 Submitted by: admin | Created: 4 years, 11 months ago | Modified: 4 years, 11 months ago

U-Bix Corporation is a 40-year-old Top 1000 Company engaging in selling and distributing office machines and their related services with the objective of being a one-stop solutions provider for its customers.

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Dry Type Transformer (Brand: McGRAW TRANSFORMER)
Dry Type Transformer (Brand: McGRAW TRANSFORMER)

We offer high quality transformer products which includes Dry Type Transformer, Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, Single Phase Transformer, Step up and step down transformer

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Contact Information
  • U-Bix Corporation
  • Address: Solid Building, corner Mabini & Velez Streets, Cagayan De Oro City, 9000, Misamis Oriental
  • Tel No.: (088) 857-4096 (088) 857-4094 Fax No.:
  • Business Hours:
Review Summary


0 review(s)
U-Bix prides itself on setting the industry standards for quality service. Our service commitment is that we guarantee a 2-hour response time to client calls, from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week including holidays. This is a commitment we have made 35 years ago which we continue to uphold today. All of our Service Engineers underwent extensive Copier Technician Training Programs conducted by Facilities Management Academy – a TESDA accredited training school. These programs are specifically designed to train entry level workers in acquiring the necessary skills to become efficient copier key operators, copier technicians, service engineers, and refurbishing engineers. Our Service Engineers are also Konica-Certified, or officially recognized by Konica to have mastered basic technical knowledge required for selling and servicing Konica Minolta machines. Being a Konica-Certified Engineer (KCE) exemplifies the highest engineer competence in assembling, refurbishing, and servicing office machines. U-Bix has the most number of KCEs nationwide – the second-highest among all Konica distributors worldwide. In 2006, U-Bix was successfully certified to meet the requirements for ISO 9001:2000. Our certification was duly upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 in 2010. By being ISO 9001 certified, our customers are guaranteed of systematic and continual improvement in providing excellent service. U-BIX Corporation was conceived in 1974 and has since grown from a company of 20 employees into the Philippines’ largest integrated office systems provider with over 800 employees and a network of 21 branches nationwide. Over the years, U-BIX evolved into an integrated office system and service provider by acquiring distributorships for Riso Digital Duplicators and Okamura Office Furniture Systems. The company also obtained US franchise agreements with Service Master (facilities maintenance and janitorial services), Terminix (termite and pest control products and services), and Merry Maids (home cleaning services). In November 2006, U-BIX Corporation was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification for distribution, sales and services of copiers. Then, in 2011, U-BIX Corporation upgraded its certification to the ISO 9001:2008 version. U-Bix purchased Kodak Imaging Center (KIC) of Kodak Philippines Limited in August 2007. It offered services including document and microfilm scanning, document management system (DMS), data capture, and variable printing services. KIC now operates under the name U-BIX Data Center. U-Bix Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Konica Minolta in the Philippines.
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