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high quality concrete pump deck pipe 2020

There are many different kinds of concrete pump straight pipe, usually is the twin wall pipe and single wall pipe ,about concrete pump deck pipe.

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John Fan

SDBL manufacture Concrete Delivery Pipe

Created: 1 week, 1 day ago | Modified: 1 week, 1 day ago

concrete pump deck pipe

Model No.: DN125, Material: 20#/45Mn/55Mn, Thickness: 7.1mm/8.0mm, Flange Type: Sk148mm/157mm/166mm Flange

concrete pump deck pipe

1.product description

There are many different kinds of concrete pump straight pipe, usually is the twin wall pipe and single wall pipe ,about concrete pump deck pipe, we also can supply the single walll deck pipe and double wall deck pipe , single wall deck pipe is usually 7.0mm thickness, we use Outer diameter 140mm pipe to make this pipe , each one 3m pipe weight is about 70kgs, delivery capacity is 50000cbm-60000cbm. Also have double layer deck pipe ,the thickness is also 7.0mm, inner wall pipe thickness is 3.0mm, outer pipe is 4.0mm, the twin walll pipe inner wall through quenching, the hardness and wear resistence degree more higher, service life is 60000cbm-80000cbm, of course the price is higher than usual single wall deck tube.


Single wall deck pipe producing process: cutting pipe-welding flange collar-Sandblasting-painting-package

Double wall deck pipe producing process:cutting pipe-put inner 65Mn pipe into outer 20# material pipe-welding double layer wear flange-Sandblasting-painting-package

Concrete pump deck pipe dates

a. Type: st52 seamless pipe and double layer pipe

b. Material: 45Mn and 65Mn

c. Length: 3m or according to the customer's required

d. Thickness:7.0mm/8.0mm

e: Service life: st52 seamless pipe is 50000cbm, double layer boom pipe is 60000cbm-80000cbm


SDBL concrete pump deck pipe Basic Info

Model No.: DN125

Material: 20#/45Mn/55Mn

Size: DN125

Type: Seamless Pipe

Length: 3m/4m/5m/6m...

Color: Red/green/yellow/white And So On

Outer Diameter: 140mm

Service Life: 60000cbm

Thickness: 7.1mm/8.0mm

Application: Mobile Pump

Flange Type: Sk148mm/157mm/166mm Flange

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