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One Environmental Inc

0/5 Created: 2 months, 1 week ago | Modified: 2 months, 1 week ago

One Environmental Inc a leading hazardous waste management company responsible for the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste of factories, companies, aviation sector, institutions, chemicals, automotive and various industries.

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Contact Information
  • One Environmental Inc
  • Address: 261131 Wagon Wheel Way, Rocky View No. 44
  • Tel No.: 587-222-6633 Fax No.:
  • Business Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-9pm; Sat-Sun 9am-4pm
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We offers solutions for industrial, commercial and residential waste, collection, removal and recycling services. We are having expertise in safely handling and execution of hazardous waste including waste treatment, vacuum truck, hydrovac, chemical, mining and industrial unwanted useless material.
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