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Johann International

0/5 Created: 1 year, 12 months ago | Modified: 1 year, 12 months ago

Johann International is a small firm with a personal approach to creating heirloom quality furniture for our clients. Our products are made with a love of the cabinetmaking art, and true craftsmanship to be cherished by this and many future generations. W

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Contact Information
  • Johann International
  • Address: United States, Potomac Maryland
  • Tel No.: 3016752929 Fax No.: 4037136
  • Business Hours:
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July saw the introduction of the Utrecht Psalter on this blog, and began the examining of the furniture depicted in it this is part two of that series. We are examining the objects in alphabetical order and the next post on this topic will conclude the matter. In the last post we got as far as boxes, so we will begin this one with chests. In general, there is somewhat of an overlap to boxes and chest, and it is sometimes difficult to decide if it is a large 'box' or a small 'chest' but for this blog the distinction is that a chest is an object large enough that one cannot hold it in his hands or arms. In the case with all of the examples from this manuscript, the chests seem to be large enough that they would require two people to carry them.
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