Our Story

MinedBP began in 2015. We started as an online business directory and set-up a startup business in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines and registered as a local business in the city.

Initially we created MinedBP as a need for business owners and individuals to publish their company information and business classifications in our business directory and it was a great achievement for us as their public information able to search in most of the search engines and public viewers get their information and can be able to interact from our site to provide feedback as well to the business owners and notify them via email.

Our Passion

We dream of putting a site that’s very useful for public viewers to interact with the business owners, establishments, companies, organizations, groups and individuals to express theirs experienced the quality of service or product they acquire from those who rendered to them using our comments and reviews section to improve the quality of service that they gave to us as a consumers.

Business Workers Innovation

We would like to introduce to you the business workers that we've developed just for your business to make it more productive and efficient the way it should be for every business you have, we help small and medium-sized businesses to gain our free business workers that if you think that fits your business processing needs. And you know what, we keep developing new business solutions online just for your business to grow faster with our business workers innovations.

Our Values

Every business owners and individuals deserve to have a quality service and be more productive and efficient in dealing with their own businesses and consumers get quality of services and products they deserve as well.

Our Innovations

At MinedBP we constantly innovate business solutions and provide businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency by using our intuitive business systems to automate their day-to-day businesses and to digitalize process and able to access it online 24/7 and 7 days a week at their convenience and the most important part is that it’s all for free as always as we wanted to make a big shift to digital world of doing businesses in our society especially here in the Philippines.

We need your Support

As we embark on promoting digital services for your business process and give our energies, time and manpower to push forward for this dream, you can actually sponsor a projects or existing projects from us so that we make your systems available online and to provide our business communities a better way of doing day-to-day business for you and for our online consumers as well. Once your sponsored project launch to our website, this business tools will be available for all community members of our site so they can actually use it as a standard business process for their individual organizations.

We are dedicated to continuing to strive for excellence and perfections for your business needs and more success with us.