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0/5 Submitted by: admin | Created: 4 years, 7 months ago | Modified: 4 years, 7 months ago

Precision machining of components, sheet metal work and assembly of turnkey projects.

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Contact Information
  • Address: Blk 30 Loyang Way #03-08 Loyang Industrial Estate Singapore 508769 Singapore, Singapore
  • Tel No.: 65 6543 1181 Fax No.: 65 6542 1211
  • Business Hours:
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A & One Precision Engineering was founded in 1992 and incorporated as a private company in 1995. Driven by a commitment for quality and total customer satisfaction, A & One has established itself as the premier service provider in the precision machinery industry, with unique characters and unmatched strength. We have been providing customers in the Hard Disk Drive, Semiconductor, Equipment Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Electronics, and Telecommunication industries with unique and innovative solutions since its inception in 1992. Throughout these years, we have created a broad-based presence in the industry. We continue to invest heavily in state of art precision machinery such as multi-axis machining centers and ultra-precision measuring centers. There are numerous factors that establish a company like A & One and make it the success it is: Experience, Technical Knowledge, and the collective energy of our hardworking and dedicated staff. We truly believe that people are our greatest assets. With our team of experienced and talented staff, A & One is committed to provide customers in enhancing their competitive advantage through cutting-edge technologies and meeting all their exacting standards for quality and reliability, and at the same time achieving cost effectiveness. Today, it is one of the leading precision engineering service providers in the region delivering a complete suite of services. As an One Stop Solutions Provider, A & One can provide customers with schematic blueprint design, prototyping, assembly, integration, testing, and commissioning of full turn key projects, as well as manufacturing of customized equipment and fabrication of precision processed components.
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